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Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park


Everyone's saying that rain season is about to hit hard, but I've yet to believe it. So far, winter has been rather marvelous. There's been lots and lots of sunshine. Of course, it still rains quite regularly, but it never lasts long. To keep the winter blues away, I've been determined to get myself outside as much as possible. I believe that every adventure can teach us a lesson and my solo autumn adventure to Silver Falls State Park was no different. The takeaway? If you're planning on hiking a 9 mile trail in the pouring rain, make sure your rain jacket is actually waterproof.

I woke up on a gloomy October morning determined to get myself out of my apartment and among the trees. I had my heart set on Silver Falls, one of my favorite places in Oregon (so far). I'd visited once before on a sunny September morning with my parents but I had a feeling that it would be even more magical on a rainy day. And boy, was I right. The fog was thick, seeping through the towering trees as I wandered my way along the trail. The rain fell softly and steadily and it was so quiet out there that I could hear nothing but the raging water of Silver Creek and thousands and thousands of raindrops tapping on the leaves of the trees towering above me. 

I arrived at the park excited as ever to set out on the trail. I was optimistic about hiking in the rain, thinking that it couldn't possibly be too bad. Boy, was I wrong! I stayed warm through the entirety of my hike but the rain ended up soaking through my jacket within about 20 minutes. Lesson learned. I bought an actual waterproof jacket almost immediately after this hike. I also nearly killed my poor camera. Apparently, electronics and water don't mix very well. Luckily, I was able to effectively evaporate the water from my camera body using the heater in my car. Salvaged. 

Let's be honest: what's an adventure without a bit of drama and excitement? I feel like a lot went wrong during this particular excursion of mine but I still view it as one of my favorite solo adventures to date. No trip is perfect and no adventure goes off without a hitch. All we can do is make the best of everything the world hurls our way and laugh through the chaos. 

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